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Healing With Art With a Heart

My Biography

Hi! My name is Richard F. Fuertes, and I am an artist I was born and raised in San Narciso, Zambales, Philippines. I am a naturalized American citizen, and I love to sing, dance, paint, and play the piano.

My healing art gallery by Richard F. Fuertes  is my humble home art gallery where I share my personal journey and express my deepest emotions. Making art helped me through my emotional trauma, heartbroken relationships, and accepting my own identity. I use acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, creating mixed media art. 

Children and adults have shared their love for my work, and I also offer these to health care professionals and college professors. My work has also been featured on the following:

  • Aglow Christian Magazine Street Watch Philippines April 1, 1991
  • Desert Dispatch         Barstow California USA Newspaper our town
    A Gift from God 
    By The Late Carol Myers
    Managing Editor
    August 13, 2002
  • Clipper 
    The Virginian-Pilot     Virginia USA
         By Barbara Woerner
         February 26, 2017
  • God’s Gift Healing with Art Exhibit 2017 (Chesapeake Central Public Library)
  • God’s Gift Healing with Art Exhibit 2017 (South Norfolk Memorial Library)
  • Healing with Art Exhibit 2018 (Chesapeake Central Public Library)
  • Eagle News International 100th Special (Part 2 of 4)
  • Retrospective Healing with Art Exhibit 2019

    (Slover Library, Norfolk VA)

  • Colors Healing with Art Exhibit 2020

    (Chesapeake Central Public Library)

  • NAMI Columbia County New York "Look Up" art work. I refer to God during this time of Pandemic. 2021
  • Emotions Healing with Art Exhibit 2019

    (Chesapeake Central Public Library)

  • Beauty in the Mind Healing with Art 2021  (Chesapeake Central Public Library) 
  • Expression Healing with Art Exhibit 2022(Chesapeake Central Public Library)
  • Black and White Healing with Art 2023 (Chesapeake Central Public Library)

Mission Statement


My goal is to use my gallery to share my creative and healing process in which I create my artwork wholeheartedly to inspire, 

encourage, and entertain.

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